I am a doctoral level registered psychologist in Edmonton, Alberta. I have devoted my career to providing the highest quality of treatment for adults who have mood and anxiety disorders. 

I completed my PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Calgary in 2006, specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I did my predoctoral residency in the Calgary Health Region, where I received intensive supervision and experience in the assessment and treatment of major depression, anxiety disorders, and severe mental illness. I worked for many years in Alberta Health Services in Adult Mental Health. I relocated to Edmonton to open a private practice in 2014. I am also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Calgary.

I have conducted research on the prediction of relapse to depression and the mechanisms behind cognitive therapy (why does it work and how?).  I have co-authored chapters on CBT for depression and anxiety. When I conduct therapy, I draw upon my scientific knowledge and utilize interventions that have good empirical support, to increase the likelihood that treatment will be successful.

As a therapist, I bring warmth, empathy , and understanding to my sessions. My approach to CBT is flexible, creative, and highly individualized to suit your needs. I conduct CBT from a case-formulation approach, meaning that I carefully tailor my interventions to suit the unique circumstances of each client. I have observed many people overcome difficult obstacles, become better able at coping with stress, and develop hope for their futures. It takes great courage to come for therapy. My goal is to support and coach my clients to develop the skills to improve their mood, anxiety, and quality of life.